Software solutions to enable multilingualism were our initial focus and address needs such as enabling keyboard entry, simplifying desktop language management, enhancing operating systems and applications with on-the-fly switching and providing innovative approaches to software localisation.

We developed an innovative product that would act as a proxy for a web site/application, intercept and transform the content.

Key to our approach is that the original site/application does not require any changes. This means that our solutions will work with third party content, sites, applications and tools. Allowing you to have full configurable control over your web output without the cost, hassle and complexity of working with a number of vendors.

This product is now available in a range of options, each targeted to a specific web challenge. All of these variants work separately or as a seamless integrated solution.

  • LinguaSkin – The original product, now used extensively to create multilingual interfaces for web applications and content
  • SEOSkin – correcting and transforming web output for SEO and enabling multilingual SEO
  • ComplySkin – enabling consistent and maintained compliance with accessibility and other standards
  • PlatformSkin – targeting web output to ensure compatibility and optimal rendering across browsers and devices