To Bach

Now with over 100,000 users, To Bach has become far more successful than we ever imagined when it was launched.

Although the original To Bach utility provides almost everything users wanted, we've listened to the feedback we received and our development team have come up with To Bach v2!

Some of the new features include:

  • A much smaller install file size, making it easier to email to colleagues and deploy on a network;
  • Support for all 56 Welsh characters with diacritic marks;
  • Support for additional characters, including a tick;
  • Support for the 'Combining Grapheme Joiner';
  • An easier-to-edit configuration file for those organisations and users that want to change the key sequences and add new characters.

To Bach v2 is free to download!

Once you've got a copy, you can either tell your colleagues and friends how to get their own copy or simply pass it on to them.

That's it! We hope that To Bach makes your life a little easier and makes the Welsh language more accessible and usable for you. Let us know how you get on.