There’s a raft of standards for website that need to be considered. High on the list are standards such as accessibility and browser compliance, and there are more depending on the nature of the site, capabilities, intended audience and other factors.

Producing a web presence that always satisfies all of these standards is a massive challenge. It is rare to find sites that do this across the board. When you’ve achieved this, it is still a lot of work to maintain this.

Typically it’s not even possible. Your CMS (Content Management System) and the third party tools and functions that you integrate with your site or use to publish your content may not even allow you to modify their output to meet necessary Standards.

ComplySkin solves this problem by providing a ‘wrapper’ for all the elements in your web presence and providing an easy to use configuration interface to correct your web output to meet standards.


  • Has a library of standard transforms to meet common standards
  • Enables all aspects of your web presence to be managed in one place
  • Allows custom transforms and rules to be defined
  • Ensures that screen readers and other accessibility tools will work with your site
  • Reduces the cost of producing and maintain compliant web output